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Today the main object of the University is training of highly skilled engineers and research and educational personnel as well as establishing advanced research and development activities in the interests of machine building and defense-industrial sector progress…
  • The multidisciplinary scientific-educational structure includes the net of educational and researching and manufacturing centers equipped by the up-to-date material and technical basis and well-developed infrastructure. Today in the university there are more than 5,000 students and 450 PhD-students (including about 10% of foreign students from 18 countries over the world). 
  • The acknowledged scientific and pedagogical schools provide the graduation of bachelors and specialists and masters, training of PhD students and post-doctoral students as well as establishing of the research and development projects on the World standard level. There are about 600 lecturers, among them 100 Doctors and Professors, 320 associate professors and PhDs.
  • The total area of the buildings is 60,000 sq. m. for the teaching process implementation and additional 4 hostel buildings.


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